Pure Waste

100% Recycled

Pure Waste

Pure Waste is a Finnish company breaking new ground in textile recycling. We manufacture and sell yarns, fabrics and garments made from 100% recycled materials.

Our operations are based on collecting and recycling cutting waste from textile industry where it is generated, in India. The collected cutting waste is sorted, processed and manufactured into high-quality textile products. Pure Waste products are made of 100% recycled fibres, meaning no virgin material at all needs to be used in manufacturing. 

We founded Pure Waste in 2013, when we held the first batch of fabric made entirely from recycled fibres in our hands. We’d already tried to find fabric made from 100% recycled fibres in 2009, without success, so in 2010 we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the development work ourselves. Product development required time and committed partners, but in the autumn of 2013 we were finally at the stage of being able to set up a new company around the product. That’s how Pure Waste began.

From the very start, providing completely high-quality products made of recycled fibres has been our goal. We’re inspired by the deeply ingrained Nordic recycling culture.

Think Again

Think Again is our way of challenging everyone, primarily ourselves, to think about things again and from a fresh perspective. We want to make the textile industry more ecological, but that won’t happen if we don’t change our ways. Changing how we do things requires changing how we think. We want to inform consumers about the downsides of the textile industry so they can think again about their consumption habits. We challenge ourselves to think of better, more sustainable solutions for operations in production, sales and logistics. We question the norms and traditional ways of the textile industry, asking: could things be done differently after all? Change in the textile industry starts with all of us thinking about things in a new way.

Our Symbol

Our symbol is the scarab beetle, the dung roller, which represented renewal and rebirth in ancient Egypt. The dung roller is nature’s own recycler, rolling cow dung into balls to lay its eggs in. Out of those eggs, in time, a new generation of dung rollers hatches. Similar to the dung rollers, we at Pure Waste gather others’ textile waste and give them another life as new products.