Pure Waste


Pure Waste was established in autumn 2013, but the idea and development work behind the company started much earlier. The timeline here shows the most significant moments of our company’s history to date. 

2006  Costo Oy established. Costo manufactures high-quality headgear and accessories, primarily from recycled materials.

2010  The idea of using 100% recycled fabrics in Costo’s manufacturing is born. 

2010  Fabrics made entirely of recycled fibres cannot be found, despite our searching for them, so we start development and looking for suitable partners.

2011  Intense product development and the first tests in China on the premises of a local partner.

2012  First batch of 100% recycled yarns is manufactured.

2012  First test batch of 100% recycled denim is manufactured.

2013  A new company, Pure Waste Textiles, is established, as we see that the Costo business model is significantly different from the new business model. 

2013  Operations start up in India under our Indian shareholder’s management. 

2013  First batch of Pure Waste T-shirts manufactured for sale.

2014  Batch of 100 pairs of jeans made from recycled yarns is manufactured in cooperation with Masi Company.

2014  Construction begins on our factory in India. 

2015  We open our concept store with Costo on Yrjönkatu, Helsinki.

2016  Our factory in India is completed. All our products are cut, sewn and finished in our factory.  

2017  Our Classics collection is expanded with our first knitwear products. 

2018  Pure Waste employs around 60 people at our factory in India and eight people in Helsinki.

2019  The Post Waste fabric is completed. The Post Waste collection is a significant milestone on our journey. This is the first time we bring products that are manufactured with 20% post-consumer textiles, that is, someone’s old clothes, to market. 

2020 The factory in India is expanded with a new building.