Pure Waste

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To create recycled products that inspire change towards a world without textile waste.

Instead of a traditional mission and vision, we’ve decided on a single sentence expressing the Pure Waste mission statement. Our mission statement can be divided into three parts. The first part says what we make: recycled products. The second part says how we act: we inspire consumers and other businesses and organizations through our own example. The third part reveals our vision of the future and what we’re working towards: a world without textile waste. 

Our goal is ambitious, but we firmly believe that even a small company can achieve great change. We’re devoted to developing and manufacturing yarns, fabrics and prêt-à-porter clothes from recycled fibres. The Pure Waste logo is a guarantee that recycled fibres are the only material used to make the product. We want to do our bit in reducing the environmental footprint of the entire industrial sector by nudging it in a more ecological direction. 

We have shown through our example that the prevailing textile industry practices can change, and we plan to remain a pioneer in this area in the future as well. Achieving our goal will take time and commitment, but we have both the stamina and ideas to do it. 

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Four key principles guide our operations. They apply not just to our products, services and communications, but to everything we do. These principles form the foundation of our business culture. 

  • Pioneering
    Innovations and a change in operating methods enable a new, structurally more sustainable textile industry. For our part, this requires an investment in innovations and development. Development, in turn, is enabled by a stable financial situation. We understand our responsibility to act as a role model for others.
  • Sustainability
    Recycling is the norm and sustainability is the only reliable approach to business. This situation reflects humanity’s difficult situation, now and in the future. We hope that everyone agrees with us on this.
  • Equality
    We strive towards equality in everything and for everyone. We support equality and the idea of the equal value of all life. Everything we do is guided by tolerance, honesty and openness.
  • Resilience
    We think that resilience is necessary, and that setbacks encourage us. We can question the prevailing ways of doing things to improve not just the common good, but also our shared quality of life. We may be radicals, but we are never rude.

The Pure Waste philosophy

At Pure Waste, we understand that our actions have long-term impacts. We don’t always see all the consequences of our actions, but we’re aware that they always have an impact on something, somewhere. This is why we try to think in advance about the consequences of our actions from as many angles as possible: environmental, human and economic. We’re committed to providing environmentally friendly and ethical solutions, without compromises. We believe that we can reduce negative environmental impacts by manufacturing high-quality, durable products from environmentally friendly materials. And when we add our happy, committed employees to that mix, we can really stand proudly behind our products. 

Quality and environmental friendliness go hand in hand: you can’t have one without the other.