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Why Cotton?

Why Cotton?

Cotton is one of the world’s most used textile fibres. The global textile industry consumes approximately 27.3 billion kg of cotton annually.

Every year, about 15% of this amount goes unused, principally in the form of cutting waste. This totals about 4.1 billion kg of cotton. This is equivalent to 109,750 lorryloads of good, usable raw material. This is the primary reason we specifically use textile industry cotton cutting waste in our manufacturing — vast amounts of this raw material are available.

Another important reason for choosing cotton is the huge environmental impacts of how it is farmed. Depending on where it is farmed, growing a kilogram of cotton consumes between 9,000 and 21,000 litres of fresh water. Cotton is often grown in areas where there is not enough rainfall for it to grow, which makes irrigation necessary. 

We think not taking advantage of all usable cotton is pure waste. For this reason, we have specifically chosen cotton and mechanical recycling as the cornerstones of our manufacturing.

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