Pure Waste


Billebeino is one of our oldest clients. We’ve collaborated since 201x. We have manufactured numerous products for the Billebeino collection, from T-shirts to hoodies and shorts. During these years we have together saved over 865,000,000 litres of water (as of April 2020). 

“We’ve produced fashion with Pure Waste ever since our first print T-shirt, which is great, as collaborating with the company has been smooth and easy. 
We think continuing to cooperate is good and relevant, because responsibility is going to be even more important for us in the future.” 

Ville Leino, Billebeino founder


PUF is a Finnish design and fashion shop concept in Turku. PUF has been involved in positive cooperation with the Pure Waste story from the start. PUF sells the Classics collection in store and online, but also its own PUF + TOMI print collection, which consists of printed Pure Waste products. With PUF we have saved an amazing 26,511,000 litres of water (as of December 2019).

“Pure Waste has been an important partner for us in many ways since the start of the PUF story. Our cooperation began with the same shared values, our belief in each other’s actions and our desire to make Pure Waste products available in our hometown of Turku. The Pure Waste people have also provided an excellent example to us right from the start of how cooperation can flow in a relaxed but professional way. These lessons and views are still strongly present and take our common endeavour towards the future!”

Hanna + Matti, PUF